13 Nov 2016

Here's an article I wrote for the spring edition of Aontacht Magazine. AONTACHT (unity in Gaelic) is a free, full-length magazine dedicated to the diversity of experience and opinions found in the Druidic and Celtic Spiritual communities. It is a wonderful resource for druids the world over. The link is at the foot of the article. In retrospect, it is fair to say that June 1961 was a portentous month. Perhaps they all are. Like its Twin Ruler, Gemini, this star-crossed month cast mercurial

1 Feb 2015

Happy Imbolc one and all! Here's an interview I did some time ago for those wonderful people at Mythical Books. MB's INTERVIEW From youth mental health works to a fantasy story in which the dreams and reality are mixed. How useful was your medical education for Sebastian’s story? I don't think it was vital, but it certainly helped inform the story and saved me a lot of back-research. I wanted to write a rip-roaring adventure

26 Jan 2015

Honorary Hibernauts! A short, sweet review for this important day in our Antipodean calendar. Australia Day celebrates January 26th 1788, the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and raised the British flag for the first time  in Sydney Cove. It is known as Invasion Day by indigenous Australians who have little to celebrate. For them it is a commemoration of a deep loss: loss of their sovereign

12 Jun 2014

Greetings honorary Hibernauts! After a sustained hiatus during which the blog was transferred from hibernauts.wordpress.com to hibernauts.com I'm back with another instalment. With the greatest show on earth almost upon us, I am interrupting the series A Compendium of Boy and Girl Heroes to bring you a blog about football. This is not as incongruous as it might first sound; there is a clear link to the Sebastian and the Hibernauts series. Sebastian has a passion

12 Feb 2014

Welcome back honorary Hibernauts! Today's blog  serves up another literary figure who helped mould the character of Sebastian, protagonist in Beyond the Gloaming (Phantasm Books, 2014). First, though, I have a guilty confession. When I originally conceived of the series and reflected on the young literary characters I had loved as a child, only boy heroes sprang to mind. It was for no other reason than this that I entitled the blog so. Not long

28 Jan 2014

Happy Hibernauts! Welcome to the latest blog in the series that discusses the boy heroes who helped fashion Sebastian, star of Beyond the Gloaming (Phanstasm Books, 2014). Today, is the turn of Emil, the German boy who ventures into the big city and has his money stolen en route in Emil and the Detectives (Erich Kästner, 1929). Written in the final carefree days of the Weimar Republic before the Great Depression and the rise to power of

15 Jan 2014

Welcome honorary Hibernauts to the first blog of 2014, the year it all begins, with the upcoming publication of Beyond the Gloaming, Sebastian's first adventure! Today, I'll be discussing another fantastic literary figure who helped mould Sebastian. As you will have guessed, the hero is Jim Hawkins, protagonist of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, Treasure Island. I devoured the illustrated copy I had as a child; dove headfirst into the swashbuckling adventure, brimming with action

31 Dec 2013

The festive hiatus continues allowing me to ring in the New Year with further Tintin-related ephemera. As with the previous blog, the first set feature Tintin and Snowy. I love the dreamlike quality of the first card. What do you think, is it one of Haddock's daily alcohol-fuelled reveries or has Tintin had a rare drinking session to celebrate New Year? Poor calamitous Thomson and Thompson get in on the act in these two cards: While

17 Dec 2013

The compendium of boy heroes is having a  yuletide interlude, and what better way to celebrate than with the greatest boy hero of them all. Tucked away in my dusty attic, amongst boxes of baubles, fairly lights and tinsel, I have found a treasure trove of Christmas-related Tintin ephemera to share with you. They are divided into several groups and you can click on them to enlarge them. The first feature Tintin and his inseparable

5 Dec 2013

In this second series blog, I’ll be discussing the boy heroes who helped shape Sebastian. Some are literary others televisual; the majority are British, yet there are outstanding exceptions; some are historical, most are contemporary; some are classically heroic – engaging in ripping yarns of derring-do, others are domestic, their heroics confined to the humdrum of boyhood; all communicated an infectious sense of adventure and anarchy I longed to emulate as a child. Surprisingly, many