1 Sep 2017

After a prolonged hibernation, Sebastian and all the Hibernauts have woken up for spring! Well, Australian spring. The Dandelion Graveyard, Book III in the series, was due out earlier this year but Assent Publishing decided to close its doors and cast its authors out. There are two dozen or so orphan authors sleeping under the stars, mostly in the States. While the Hibernauts hibernated, I have used the time to write second editions of the

28 Dec 2016

Here is a radio interview I gave for the ABC last year. I discuss youth mental health and how it relates to the Sebastian and the Hibernauts series of

11 Dec 2016

Hello Ho Ho Ho Hibernauts! I will be making a festive appearance at Melbourne’s wonderfully eclectic Eltham Bookshop. The owner, Meera, was 2012 Australian Bookseller of the Year. Her passion for books justs keeps growing and growing, and her support for local authors is legendary. I’ll be dropping down the chimney at 3pm on Thursday December 22nd. Join me for some seasonal fun. Eat some mince pies, drink mulled wine and feel free to ask

8 Dec 2016

Greetings Hibernauts! I commissioned fantasy cartographer Robert Altbauer to progress the rather shoddy map of Hibercadia I drew a few years ago. The results are spectacular. Robert is a freelance cartographer and illustrator living in Salzburg, Austria. His work is featured in multiple books and art collections and has been exhibited in shows at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art (now Arthouse.NYC). It's even been used for the opening credits of a television series. The

6 Dec 2016

Hullo Hibernauts, Just a quickie to let you know I have teamed up with four other Melbourne authors to form a writers' collective, Subterranean Ink. Here's our mini-manifesto: "We revel in myth, allegory, magic and dreams. Our tales map psychological and cultural landscapes to uncover some concrete truths about the world. As Subterranean writers we use literature to explore and celebrate the borderlands between the real and unreal." Subterranean Ink was made possible by Meera

14 Nov 2016

The third book in the series has finally gone to the publisher and will be released in early 2017. The Dandelion Graveyard follows Sebastian's adventures in the aftermath of The Traitor's Trap. Having edged it at Blacknee Marshes, Morpheus is keen on finding a way to secure total victory against his brother, and has decided that what he needs lies in the Gloaming. If only he can get Sebastian to take it. Phobitor and Voedawg

7 Aug 2016

National Bookshop Day celebrates bookshops, promotes their value in the community, and invites customers to return to or support their local bookshop. Held in hundreds of locations throughout Australia, bookshops are celebrated in all their glory! I'll be doing my bit by appearing at the wonderfully eclectic Eltham Bookshop, 2012 Australian Bookseller of the Year. I'll be there at 2pm on Saturday August 13. Feel free to swing by and ask me three terrifying questions (an Eltham

26 Mar 2015

Greetings honorary Hibernauts! Here's the link to an article I wrote for Aontacht Magazine. AONTACHT (unity in Gaelic) is a free, full-length magazine dedicated to the diversity of experience and opinions found in the Druidic and Celtic Spiritual communities. It is a wonderful resource for druids the world over. Reflection on druidic ceremonies: Aontacht Magazine (Volume 7, Issue 2, p43) Online: from

1 Feb 2015

Happy Imbolc one and all! Here's an interview I did some time ago for those wonderful people at Mythical Books. MB's INTERVIEW From youth mental health works to a fantasy story in which the dreams and reality are mixed. How useful was your medical education for Sebastian’s story? I don't think it was vital, but it certainly helped inform the story and saved me a lot of back-research. I wanted to write a rip-roaring adventure