21 Jul 2018

It is 1973 and twelve-year-old Sebastian Duffy is about as far removed from a hero as it is possible to be. He lives with his Irish parents in a shabby terraced house in an industrial town in the north of England and attends the local comprehensive school, where he excels in being bullied. Miserable schooldays are eclipsed by the shocking brutality of his parents and there isn't a time in his life he can remember

28 Jun 2018

Get ready to be transported to a dreamworld brimful of quizzing glasses and magic shillelaghs, mechanical fireworks and night rainbows, fantastical creatures and outrageous skullduggery, tragedy and joy. There are ghosts and gobbleratches, hunkypunks and barguest, leprechauns and cluricaun, a devilish whodunit and an intrigue of entangled passions, all wrapped up in a fast-paced, endlessly twisting adventure saga. Welcome to